Saga Digital Transformation

Saga is one of the UK’s most recognised and trusted brands, with a heritage dating back 60 years. I was brought in as part of the central design team to define and implement a new digital strategy for this very much traditional company. The team was given central leadership to align the various divisions of the company around a shared vision.

With a core audience of over 50’s and their wide range of confidence levels when using digital products, the unusual yet rewarding design challenge that comes with this was instantly appealing. Interfaces my generation would take for granted may come naturally to the more tech savvy older generations, whilst others lack confidence with what we consider the most straightforward of interactions. This would present a challenge of designing for everyone - focusing purely on the customer with accessibility taking a central role.

Senior Visual Designer


Header ImageHeader Image

I was set with the task of interpreting the new offline brand and translating this into Saga’s digital landscape. The plan was to craft a clean and engaging visual language for use across the websites, emails, and apps.

Through design exploration I was able to get the best out of the new brand and create a visual language for its digital home. Whilst ironing this out we began to add the various elements to a pattern library eventually containing all the elements used across the website. This enabled the team to maintain consistency and aid the speed of the development process.


Homepage for the membership section: a new product that was being launched, giving the opportunity to explore the brand and create something new without being restricted too heavily by the old systems.

article pages greybg3article pages greybg3

Content pages which also set the style across the magazine site.

listing pageslisting pages

Listing pages for events and surveys.

logo and triangles 2logo and triangles 2

As well as receiving a new logo, a brand shape was created from this. These arrows could be used in isolation to reinforce the brand message and create a strong look and feel linking the digital work to the rest of the visual communication. I chose to use subtle instances of this shape across the site whilst bringing in hints of the soft rounded edges to certain elements.

Ballots - 01 Listing 2Ballots - 01 Listing 2

Across all pages I was able to pull in the brand using colour, typography and shapes. Keeping a consistent and strong visual language made sure the customer never felt like they were leaving the security of a company they trust.


Pages were designed to make sure they were not just easily readable on mobile devices, but also as intuive as possible for the less tech savvy to interact with. All throughout the design process it was fundamental to make sure the tonal contrasts reached a high accessibility standard without compromising too heavily on the overall aesthetic of the design. This proved challenging but ultimately very rewarding.

rebrand-imagery_8 Copyrebrand-imagery_8 Copy
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