MoneySuperMarket helped to pioneer the industry of online comparison sites and is the largest independent price comparison site in the UK. As competition amongst price comparison providers increased, differentiation based on user experience soon became an essential way to stand out. I worked with the Creative Director, Design Lead, and UX, to bring together a comparison experience that was not only visually distinctive and enjoyable, but made use of the user data to create a completely personalised journey. We achieved a user journey that was much easier to follow and empowered the customer to make a better informed decision.

Senior Designer


Header ImageHeader Image

We chose Gotham Ultra to be the brand voice and used it sparingly for maximum impact.

macbook-image-flow-screen (1)macbook-image-flow-screen (1)

This illustrates part of the customer's journey to obtain their car insurance quotes.

photography 2photography 2

We wanted images that captured a slice of life and felt real. We created an image bank of photography that was warm and happy, capturing moments of joy.


We produced landing pages that offer up unique content depending on whether it's a new user, a recently returning user after previously obtaining insurance quotes, or a returning customer whose insurance is up for renewal.

MoneySuperMarket is a relatively new brand and keeping a limited colour palette is part of it’s strategy. We devised a plan to best utilise this limited palette.

Examples of policy results screens that are clear and easy to understand, highlight the offers and enable instant purchase.

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  • gallery-image
  • gallery-image
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