Honda Europe

Honda Europe

As part of Honda’s ambitious project to rebuild their European online experience from the ground up, I worked closely with the design director and lead UX to develop the car configurator through an agile delivery. Our challenge was to craft an intuitive and attractive tool that would enable users to build and personalise their own car.

Senior Designer


We designed a non-linear process allowing the customer to have maximum freedom over the choices they make when personalising their car, whilst overcoming the dependencies within Honda's customisation options.

Making selection and OptionsMaking selection and Options

This resulted in an interface that allowed the user to easily compare the different model specifications and explore the various added options.


We created an editorial design by putting the products centre stage through the use of space, bold photography and strong crops to show the quality and detail.

full width imagefull width image

The end result is a clear summary of the users personalised car and generates a unique URL for the user to share and access at any time.

The pages were optimised to work across all mobile devices.

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